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Dave Bowes Journey back to the World Championships

Climbing closer to the Podium

We cannot believe that a mere 8 weeks after Dave’s surgery he is almost working at full capacity. Performing several routes and having a similar range of movement to which he had prior to his shoulder surgery.

Despite Dave only being 8 weeks into his rehabilitation for an upcoming IFSC Climbing World Championships in Paris, France on the 14th-18th of September 2016 he has only been bouldering a handful of times. This in itself is a great achievement for Dave, to be at this stage in his rehabilitation that he is bouldering comfortably in such a short period of time.

Dave, as with many TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) sufferers, must make activities fun and challenging in order to achieve the same duration at an activity as someone without TBI would. Dave had recently discovered the ‘Bring Sally Up Challenge’. This is a challenge where an individual attempts to follow the instruction of the music, where they are in a push up full-extension press and go down to the floor when ‘Bring Sally Down’ is said and back up to full-extension when ‘Bring Sally Up’ is said. This song is a 3 minute 24 second song which has become a viral workout and a test of strength. Dave has attempted the challenge three time since his surgery, with his initial time of 58 seconds on week 6, 1:18 on week 7 and 1:37 on week 8, his ability to hold the plank/press-up positioning and repeat the same motion is showing radical improvements in his strength.

Dave has said that, “‘The Sally Up Challenge’ is a great way to get exercise and test myself. With the challenge being incorporated in a song, it makes the challenge more enjoyable and allows the training to be disguised within – ideal for someone predisposed to disliking a training regime.”

Dave has been training hard, ensuring that he is putting in the work prior to the IFSC competition so that he can achieve that podium finish that we all want him to achieve. 

Dave has moved through the climbing grades at The Climbing Hangar from Day 38-58 days. Initially starting on Blues (V2-V3), then Purples (V3-V4), then progressing to Reds (V4-V5) after 5 days and then onto whites (V5-V6) and eventually ticking the odd Yellow (V6-V8) 15 days later. The rate in which Dave is achieving his goals is alarming but it does not come without its challenges. Dave has put in all the hard work and shown his determination to see these results on the wall and in the gym. Ensuring that he has trained his body to ‘let go’ unconditionally if there is too much pressure as a prevention method to injury.

Dave has seen a dramatic change in his mood over the last couple of weeks, with more success comes more confidence and with more confidence, comes more determination to do well. A continual cycle of success.

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